The 2nd Digital Revolution

The 2nd Digital RevolutionProduct Description

The 2nd Digital Revolution communicates the essence of business technology management in ways that are seldom discussed in public. This is a no-nonsense look at how to optimize a relationship that’s been driven more by sellers than buyers, more by hype than substance. This book identifies a unique flash point in history, a point where there are serious problems – high project failure rate, remnants of the crash, and persistently low capital IT spending – and major opportunities. The 2nd Digital Revolution tells readers how technologies and business models are converging, and looks at technology and business holistically, arguing that it’s no longer possible to think about business or technology without simultaneously thinking about the other. This book offers technology that will take business to the next level.

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Format: Hardcover
Print Length: 286 pages
Publisher: CyberTech Publishing (28 February 2005)
Language: English