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5 Industries in the Technology Kill Zone

5 Industries in the Technology Kill Zone If you’re in one of the 5 industries discussed here you already know you’re in the kill zone. You know that technology will eventually maim and kill your industry though you may be in public denial – like the book, CD, music and taxi industries were for years […]

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Death And Technology: IT Only Works If IT’s There

A train derails in Philadelphia. A plane crashes into the Alps. Citizens are killed in cities. What do these events have in common?  All of them could have been prevented with digital technology. We now know about the “systems” designed to prevent disasters.  After a major disaster, we’re all told about the technologies that should […]

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Digital Bullets for Zombie Business Models

Old revenue streams are hard to kill.  They live and live and live, and sometimes, like Zombies, have to be killed over and over again.  The same is true of the organizational structures that support those streams.  Those with vested career and – much more predictively – personal financial interests in still flowing revenue streams […]

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How to Manage IT Really, Really Badly

A couple of years ago I got into a car with the CEO of a large company. As I entered the car, he moved an object off the seat and under his ass. I asked him, “what’s under your ass?” He looked at me weirdly and said “nothing.” I said,“come on, when I got into […]

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Are You Ready for Web 40.0?

The Web will eventually “disappear” in the same way that electricity, roads and transportation have disappeared, only attracting attention when they fail or need repair. By 2030, just 15 years from today, the Web will enable the complete integration of our personal and professional lives. It’s important to understand this trajectory because of how disruptive […]

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