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Top Ten CIO Concerns For 2016 – IT’s Déjà Vu All Over Again

The Society for Information Management (SIM), God bless their souls, recently announced the results of their annual survey of what Chief Information Officers (CIOs) believe are the most important issues they will face in 2016. IT’s getting a lot of attention – again. I cannot stop myself from responding. Here’s the list, my thoughts and […]

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Digital Transformation: Sometimes | Maybe | Absolutely

Everyone wants to transform their businesses, and everyone who’s alive knows that transformation now depends on digital technology.   Everywhere I go I hear about “amazing,” “fabulous,” “terrific” and “incredible” transformation projects underway, projects that will “disrupt” and “revolutionize” companies.  When I ask transformation teams about specific projects, however, I often get blank stares.  Sometimes it […]

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The Digital Doctor Will See You Now

Let’s start with the conclusion: 1.  Within a few years much of what doctors, lawyers, engineers, computer scientists and professors – among many other professionals – do will be extended and even replaced by smart machines. 2.  There will be a fundamental change in the definition, development and deployment of “expertise.” 3.  After an initial […]

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Unstructured Data: The Other Side of Analytics

Everyone is obsessed with “analytics.”  I cannot keep up with what the technology pundits and consultants are telling me about analytics, no matter how hard I try.  (I just Googled “big data analytics” and got 107,000,000 results in 0.29 seconds.) If you listen to these people, you will absolutely, positively believe that without huge investments in […]

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